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Yugioh Dark Plant Deck Profile

This is my teammate and team founder Rob's Dark Plant deck. He is the main deck builder who also built my Alice in Wonderlan deck. This Dark Plant deck is really consistant and fun to play. I hope you enjoy this decklist and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Heres the deck list: Dark Armed Dragon x1 Tytannial x1 Caius x2 Mystic Tomato x2 Violet Witch x2 Debri x1 Inmato x2 Twilight Rose Knight x1 Lonefire x2 Dandylion x1 Cherry Inmato x3 Ryko x2 Spore x1 Glow up bulb x1 Effect Veiler x1 Pot of Avarice x2 Gold Sarc x2 E-con x2 Foolish Burial x1 Allure of Darkness x1 Book of Moon x1 Trunade x1 Dark Hole x1 Mind Control x1 Monster Reborn x1 Bottomless x1 Solemn Judgment x1 Solemn Warning x1 Torrential Tribute x1 Mirror Force x1 Seven Tools x1 Shooting Star Dragon Mist Wurm Scrap Dragon Colossal Fighter Dark End Dragon Stardust Dragon Black Rose Dragon x2 Splendid Rose Queen of Thorns Brionac Magical Android Catastor Armory Arm Formula Synchron

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