Video - Sunflower Power X1 - Part 2/5 [ puff + blover + squash ] strategy

Videos Chery X1 Sunflower Power X1 - Part 2/5 [ puff + blover + squash ] strategy

Sunflower Power X1 - Part 2/5 [ puff + blover + squash ] strategy

this is the 2nd part of the Sunflower power X1 Series. This is made because a request from a friend of mine. --------------------------------------------- --------- Part two: -------------------------------------------- [ puff + blover + squash ] strategy vs jacks + double baloon + double snorkel + gigas ok so this has baloons too. so this means its the same as Part 1.. yes and no. if your setup relies on cattails then probably you can just laugh at those double baloon or if you have cobs they will just be bombed and its like they didn't even existed. double snorkel zombies. this may just be a joke for everyone who plays survival endless because .. who cares about snorkel zombies?? . depending on your setup , these zombies can be ignored. but i use them in a very unusual way. since i love to delay zombies . a double dose of baloon can either make my life easier or not - this means baloon zombies will come in greater numbers which may delay the arrival or next waves. depending on the situation it can be good or bad. for the likes of me who has no cattails and is using a cobless setup. - sometimes they block ur sight on your plants or sometimes may cause you to not notice other zombies . like you might not notice that a giga was already smashing your glooms. depending on how your setup handles them. these zombies can be ignored. - double snorkel when combined with dolphins and winterpults distracted on dolphins can cause snorkel zombies to move further. - you can just ...



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