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Remember Me x1'

Being Mrs. Or Mr. popularity may seem all that to everyone in anyway. Just let me tell you one thing on it, when you even have the thought of crumbling down, you want to run and hide away from friends, soul-mates, family, everything. It hurts. ::: "Selena, Wanna come over tonight? Well have some fun." He snickered through his teeth like a untamed animal in a cage, waiting to be released. "Well," I looked around me pinned against the locker before a game, I love it! "You know I want to" He removed an arm out of my way, enough to slide by, He slapped my ass. "Cant wait to tap that," He barked out behind me, hearing high-fives given to him. I gave him a little extra swing in my hips, to amuse him and his teammates. "See you later Nick," I licked my lips before stepping outside, seeing eyes search me as I ran out and started cheering with the other girls, No way or how would they have more eyes on them. Being Captain, You get to watch people, Dress sexier, and most of all "Encourage" the football players. ::: Walking out to Nick oversized pick-up I was thrown over shoulder by him. "Nick put me down!" I squealed as he set me down on the back seat, he was tearing off my spandex along with the top layer skirt. "Nick, wait till we get to your house!" I tried pushing him away, No use. "I just need your shirt off, to last me till we get home." -2

Remember, Me, x1'



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