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PWI Varden vs Leviathan [Raging Tide PvE]

Saturday 12th February. Played by lvl 100 demon archer. TW lasted the full 3 hours. Leviathan managed to defend their land again Varden attack. Edit - Wanted to include Griffus & Melda as well. I included them in the draft but it's missing from the final version Music: My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words Taylor Swift - The Story of Us Real Street Project - Tabidatsu Kimi e This is my last TW with Varden. All the best to Varden, I wish them every success. English meaning of Tabidatsu Kimi e Cherry blossoms dance under the chilly spring sky You walk away, with dreams and hopes upon your little shoulders I want to send you off as you begin your journey I should have done that seriously at least today (I should have) I placed all my smiles in a bouquet of flowers That I am sending to you along with a message Thank you for laughing with me Thank you for crying with me Don't worry; you'll be fine Just keep going straight in the path you believe in I opened my heart only to you I'm telling you my secrets and all (It's a secret for you) At times I can beat you They are pseudo fights, though Such merciful people are really rare, aren't they? (Aren't they?) When things get really hard, just give me a call You'll be okay, no matter how far apart we become You'll be okay because I will always be your friend Even if you get married Even if you grow old No matter how much time passes You'll be the best friend I'm proud of The overflowing fake tears you set free deceived me On the ...

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