Video - Play Along 01 (Funk) / Marcos Camacho (Drums)

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Play Along 01 (Funk) / Marcos Camacho (Drums)

Some time ago I was looking for some play along for drums and luckily found this and another 12 in the same style I believe to be some method that accompanies these songs, but only came to play along without the recorded drums and I have no idea how would be the original drums of this song. So on my vacation from music college I was in my house I decided to record a video of this song entitled "Play Along 01". It was not 100% as I really like it was something rather quickly, but I tried to do all the accompaniments of sentences with brass ensemble and keep the groove with the bass. NOTE: In Part B of the music I played a maracatu and bai

Funk, Soul, Black Music, Maracatu, Bai



Duration: 3 minutes : 26 seconds
Author: Maercos
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