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my TOTALLY AWESOME fish tank/aquarium

PLEASE WATCH THE UPDATE OF MY TANK This is my fish tank on the 2 1/2 nd week from being set up. The tank is 120 cm X 40 cm X 50 cm (about 4' X 1'2" X 1'3"). Fish ATM include: X1 Dwarf Gourami(Colisa lalia) X2 Pearl Gourami(Trichogaster leeri) X2Kuhli loach(planning to get some more)(Pangio/Ancanthophthalmus Kuhlii) X1 Bristlenose catfish(Ancistrus sp.) X3 neon tetra X2 cherry barb X5 rummy-nose tetra Inverts:1 apple snail, numerous ramshorn and Do you think I could get some (2?)Boseman rainbow fish as they are native to where I am from(Australia)? Specs: Eheim 350L Canister filter GLO T5 HO Lighting system Fluval 200W heater PS My voice isn't that high and you can get a glimpse of one of my kuhlis at around 00:40. Enjoy!

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