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my 55 gallon Aquarium UPDATE #2

This is an update of my aquarium Fish ATM include: X1 Dwarf Gourami(Colisa lalia) X2 Pearl Gourami(Trichogaster leeri) X2 Boeseman's Rainbowfish X2 Female Siamese Fighting Fish X4Kuhli loach(Pangio/Ancanthophthalmus Kuhlii) X1 Bristlenose catfish(Ancistrus sp.) X1 Peppered Cory (want to get afew more) X4 neon tetra X6 or 7 cherry barb X6 rummy-nose tetra Tank specs: Eheim 350L Canister filter GLO T5 HO Lighting system Fluval 200W heater 55 gallons or 200 litres and a bubble pump thingy thats very loud. Enjoy!!

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