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Videos Chery X1 Lucky 7 - 5 Reel Video Slot PCB Game

Lucky 7 - 5 Reel Video Slot PCB Game

Lucky 7 - Upgrade your existing Cherry Masters, touch screen countertops or purchase a new complete machine at: LUCKY 7 FEATURES 1. 5-reel, 25 line VGA Touch Fruit game. 2. Lucky 7 PCB includes virtual webpage (Touch screen only) 3. Playing games or modifying password must pass password verification. 4. Many Bonus games are available: (1) Multiply the bet by x1 ~x99 randomly (2) One to twenty-five free games will be offered to the player frequently. (3) JACKPOT: line 5 special prize symbols can multiply the bet by 5000. (4) Extra credits will be issued randomly. 5. Player can choose "Collect", "Double" or "Half-double" when the spinning reels stop. 6. Player has chance to get x2, x3, x4, credits when he/she plays Double games. 7. WILD: Player can win extra x1, x2, x3, x5 credits. 8. Special rule: Player can hold two identical symbols to wait for the third symbol. 9. Amusement games and virtual webpage can be switched OFF by the DIP SW if you don't need it. 10. Games can be played by touch panel or buttons. 11. Conversion option available. 12. Authentic Cherry Master sound effects.

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Duration: 1 minutes : 47 seconds
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