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Hookah Session with Starbuzz Code 69

Yet another smoke with the amazing Starbuzz Code 69 Shisha... cherry cola flavor, perhaps my favorite Starbuzz flavor, next to Blue Mist! I'm using a taller hookah with a more shallow bowl, a bowl cap, Exotica brick coal x1/3, and a water base diffuser... with only one coal you should get some amazingly flavorful, relatively thick smoke! To make it even thicker, add another 1/3 brick coal, and it'll be ridiculous. You don't even need a bowl cap at that point. Enjoy! Music Credits - Distant Closeness by Michael & Levan. (NOTICE: I do NOT own, nor did I produce this song! I merely added a part of it in for atmospheric enhancements! If you like the song, purchase it and help contribute to the artist's work!)

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