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Homemade Cold Air intake

1992 Toyota Celica homemade intake -I can't believe how many morons are posting stupidity in the comments. Let me clear up some stuff for those of you and the other intelligent people: 1. This video is from 2001 BEFORE intakes were cheap and widely available. The owner of the car was in high school and didn't have a real income (what would you do?). 2. The breather was from some internet misinformation from back then. That information sounded intelligent at the time. 3. Why would you dump a ton of money into a 9 year old beater? 4. It didn't take as long as it looks. The video was started before the parts were even purchased. That time spent at the store is why it looks long. Parts: 3" PVC piping and rubber fittings, aluminum tape, and a cheap generic cone filter costing roughly $60 total.

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