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Flobots - Handlebars

I have never had this much fun recording a song. I really like it and think it is up their with my top Vids. Enjoy! --------------------------------------- (External) Drums by Marc Shubitz (Album) Flobots - Fight with Tools (Song) Flobots - Handlebars Drum Kit - Pacific PDP Chameleon: 5x13" Snare Drum 10x20" Bass Drum 5x10" Tom-Tom 7x14" Tom-Tom Auxiliary Snare: Mapex Black Panther Steel Snare 10x5" Cymbals: 14" Zildjian ZBT Rock Hi-Hat 20" Zildjian ZBT Rock Ride 14" Zildjian K Dark Thin Crash 12" Avedis Zildjian Fast Splash 16" Zildjian A Custom Crash 18" Zildjian ZHT EFX 16" Zildjian Oriental Trash China Auxiliary Hi Hat: 13" Stagg DH Hand Made Editing: Windows Movie Maker Video Camera: Canon Powershot S2 IS

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Duration: 5 minutes : 37 seconds
Author: marcshub
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