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"Crystallized Silver" Roland TTS-1 Remake

I'm a video upload spree this week! Clocking in at my seventeenth remake, it's "Crystallized Silver", the stage 1 boss theme for snow woman Letty Whiterock from Perfect Cherry Blossom! As usual, production notes are in the annotations with a transcript on request. Originals linked below: Original Midi Version: Game Version: And one more thing I forgot to mention in my production notes: I tend to focus on making audible dynamic versions of the songs (ie there are much larger gaps between quiet sounds and loud sounds, rather than squashing everything together). As Yukari mentioned for me in my remake of Necrofantasia, the game versions are far, FAR more heavily compressed so you can hear them in a chaotic environment. Also, if you haven't seen it yet, check out my Walfas collaboration with MiniWitch3 featuring Letty Whiterock and Yuyuko Saigyouji: I plan on doing a more elaborate re-upload to my channel eventually, featuring a laughtrack and a more dramatic intro seen in the actual Touhou M1 Grand Prix. Also also, Youtube really needs to look into their uploading system: even a video as simple as this seems to have glitched out in the first three seconds.

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