Video - Bougainville Tactical Reenactment - 2010 (Photo Montage)

Videos Chery M1 Bougainville Tactical Reenactment - 2010 (Photo Montage)

Bougainville Tactical Reenactment - 2010 (Photo Montage)

Photos taken by various participants at the Bougainville tactical reenactment in Ferris, TX in May, 2010. Our Japanese unit is still new and that's why you see an abundance of "captured" weapons. For example the Thompson and the M1919A4. Some of the Japanese reenactors are carrying Arisaka Type 99s. The Marines carried M1 Carbines, Springfields, Thompsons and M1 Garands. Yes, that's an Australian embedded with the Marines. He is easily recognizable by his hat and the Enfield he is carrying. This reenactment was a lot of fun and we hope to do another one soon. We would like to thank Brandon and his family for the use of their land. Also, we would like to say thank you to all of the real Marines for serving. Stay safe!

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