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Ana Free sings Cheryl Cole - Promise This

OPENING FOR SHAKIRA on Nov 21st 2010! Go to the Official Website for infomation and Tour dates! Gigs & Tour: MANCHESTER, UK - Thurs, Oct 14th 2010 @ In The City ------ Official website: Twitter Facebook: --------------------- Hey peeps! How's life? Quick upload for you of the new Cheryl Cole (def one of my favourite artists/people, I have mad love and respect for her!) tune called Promise This. It was apparently written when she was sick with malaria, so the lyrics are poignant and vivid which is what I really like about it! The videoclip is very beautiful and you can check that out here on Cheryl's official channel: MANCHESTER, UK Location: IN THE CITY - Roadhouse (Manchester, UK) 8 Newton St., Piccadilly Manchester Manchester M1 2AN Date: October 14th 2010 Time: 22.15/22:30 Tickets: See you there! There's news and updates on the website, http about the latest concerts plus all adventures, tour dates, new photos, lyrics/chords, fan videos and music! Thanks for keeping in touch, it's really nice to have the best fans in the universe and to watch as our Free World grows day by day! Become a Twitter follower if you like and also become an official Free World fan on my official Facebook page! Big kiss, have a cool week! Ana -------- All the sound was recorded on a Mac using a microphone by Blue - Snowball :)

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