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80 planted feast!

Bamboo Shrimp x1 Longfin Bushynose Pleco x1 Amano Shrimp x15 Red Cherry Shrimp x40 Orange Hatchetfish(chelo, Dadio) x6 White Cloud Tetra x8 Dwarf Neon Rainbows x6 Giant Danios x2 Threadfin Rainbows x2 Synodontis Petricol x1 Sterbai Cory x6 Violeti Cory x3 Panda Cory x2 Unknown Garra x1 Red-tail Garra x3 Fundulpanchax gardneri killifish(i think) xPair...If anyone can positively identify this, it would be appreciated. I foolishly was just mesmerized by the fish when I bought it and forgot the name it was sold as. Pygmy sunfish x3-4? I know i have at least 3 of these but they cannot be seen in the video. They are wild caught from Tates Hell Swamp in Louisiana. They are awesome little fish but had somehow managed to get into my filter for who knows how long and I had finally found them when I was cleaning it. All 3 of them were in the same filter for what must have been at least 3 weeks. They are alive and gaining back some girth finally but are now understandably very timid. Almost all of the fish i have are from Fantastic Fins in Livonia, MI. I highly recommend this store because despite its small size, they have some very high quality and hard-to-find fish. They are often very busy due to their awesomeness but still manage to have great customer service.

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