Video - 4ft Tank is preety much done.

Videos Chery X1 4ft Tank is preety much done.

4ft Tank is preety much done.

No more fishies to put in my tank :) Finally finished setting up my Australian natives tank, there are some other exotics which were in my smaller tank which I decided needed to have a bit more space. My 2ft tank (where the exotics came out of) is now my Cherry Shrimp breeding tank. In this video my Bristlenose Catfish have bred and the male is "incubating". My Leopard Corydoras have also laid eggs throughout the weed and I am hoping some of the eggs and fry survive. Australian Native fish: Rendahl's Catfish/Tandan x4 Duboulay's Rainbowfish x3 Salmon Red Rainbowfish x2 Wenlock River Banded Rainbowfish x2 Striped Gudgeon x2 Empire Gudgeon x2 Flathead Gudgeon x1 Exotics: Guppy x4 Leopard Corydoras x3 Bronze Corydoras x3 Panda Corydoras x1 Bristlenose Catfish x2 Please Let me know what you think :)




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