Video - "350Z Pre-Turbocharging: AUTOCROSS RUN" by Nutnancy

Videos Chery G5 "350Z Pre-Turbocharging: AUTOCROSS RUN" by Nutnancy

"350Z Pre-Turbocharging: AUTOCROSS RUN" by Nutnancy

Taking the pre-turbocharged 350Z trackside, I take on all comers with my rusty performance driving skills. Improvement comes quickly though and I move up the ranks in this fun Autocross setup. TacticalDoodle and I are wringing out this Grand Touring 350z, in the family for years, and making observations along the way. If you like driving or are considering a forced induction system on your car, whatever it is, you will find interest here. Well balanced for the most part, I find wanting for lots more power in the stock 350Z, especially here at HIGH ALTITUDE. A STS Turbo system with minimal engine mods is planned for this car, stay subbed and watch the fun. As it turned out, I clock in 2nd in "Killer" [350Z] with about 30 players including some high power rides like Corvette Z06s, a Z51 [the top player in this group], BMW M3, a big block cammed Camaro, Audis, a Supra Mk IV, Tiburon, and some others. Since some dudes out there seemed to be taking Sunday drives on the course I take small consolation.////////////////////Music: Dudio//////////////////This car was shown in my "Dangerous Things" video, we've owned it since new and it's freakin' cherry.



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