Video - 2011 Chery J11/Tiggo/Vortex Tingo ANCAP Frontal Offset

Videos Chery Tiggo 2011 Chery J11/Tiggo/Vortex Tingo ANCAP Frontal Offset

2011 Chery J11/Tiggo/Vortex Tingo ANCAP Frontal Offset

Driver-Passenger Info: HIC 582-356 Chest G's 50-34 FRONTAL OFFSET CRASH TEST Body region scores out of 4 points each: Head/neck 3 pts, chest zero pts, upper legs zero pts, lower legs zero pts. The passenger compartment lost structural integrity in the offset crash test. The brake pedal moved rearwards by 138mm. The clutch pedal moved upwards 103mm. The steering wheel hub moved 138mm rearward, 58mm upward and 11mm sideways. The front ("A") pillar moved 133 mm rearwards. A gap between the window frame and door frame posed a risk of partial ejection for the driver. After the crash tools were required to open the driver's door. The airbag cushioned the head of the driver and contact was stable. Steering column and dash components were a potential source of injury for the driver's knees. The passenger's head was cushioned by the airbag. Dash and console components were a knee hazard for the passenger.

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